Our Story

The Jacobson Diamonds Legacy


Jacobson and diamonds have always been closely connected. Back in the days emperors and rulers used jewellery and diamonds as an expression of their power and position. These days royals wear diamonds mainly as beautiful accessories to official occasions. Often we see that jewellery worn by royals passes on from generation to generation in remembrance of their ancestors.


Jacobson Diamonds and royals have always shared a warm relationship. Since its foundation in 1840 numerous royals have travelled to Amsterdam to trust Royal Coster with their jewellery. It was known to many that Royal Coster Diamonds used an innovative way of cutting and polishing diamonds and its extraordinary craftsmanship attracted and still attracts royals from all over the world.


Royal Coster Diamonds used to be visited by its royal clientele, for Queen Victoria however Coster gladly made an exemption. In 1852, two of our finest diamond polishers travelled to London in order to repolish the world famous Koh-i-Noor, one of the most valuable diamonds around and part of the English Crown Jewels. Up till this day, it is widely recognized as one of the finest showcases of craftsmanship in diamond history.